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Painter's Picker

Extension to the OS X color picker panel.

Painter's PickerOverview

Painter's Picker puts an interactive color wheel in almost every Mac OS X application. It adds the ability to choose related colors, such as complementary colors, analogous colors, etc. directly within the color picker. It also adds more precise controls for choosing saturation, hue angle, and Brightness. Painter's Picker is the simplest way to perform complex color selection in almost any Mac OS X application.

With Painter's Picker you can:

* use an artist's color wheel in almost any Mac OS X application that uses color
* quickly access the 12 traditional primary, secondary, and tertiary colors
* easily choose any color in between these 12 colors
* Get to common tints and Shades quickly, or choose any in between value
* blend your colors to gray simply using a slider or a menu
* get to the most common tones of a color with one click

* quickly find and select any color's complementary color
* find out which 2 colors clash most with a given color
* see at a glance the recommended relative proportions of a color within a scheme
* find color relationships using more than 20 different kinds of color scheme:
* 5 kinds of analogous scheme
* 5 kinds of tetradic scheme
* 2 kinds of triad
* 4 complex complementary schemes
* schemes to show colors that are warmer, cooler, lighter or darker than a given color
* and more

* use colors chosen with the other color pickers Mac OS X provides
* choose a color then pass it on to any other color picker
* save your color schemes as color lists for later use
* use colors chosen with the color picker's magnifying glass
* drag & drop colors within Painter's Picker or with other applications

* fine tune your color selection using decimal precision
* adjust your color selection using the scroll wheel
* use mathematical expressions to calculate color values
* even with radians...

* find the nearest web-safe color for a given color
* switch easily between RGB, CMYK and Web Safe color spaces


Fixed some bugs.

Painter's PickerInformation

File Size
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
No additional system requirements.
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